6 Reasons Why You Should Create A ClickBank Vendor Account

1. ClickBank’s exclusive white-glove on-boarding process

Currently operating on another platform and looking to make the transition to ClickBank? Let the panic of complicated integration tasks subside as we get you up and running.

and I can stand by ready to jump on a call to train your staff on every in and out of the ClickBank Vendor platform, whether that’s talking to your developers about crucial integrations or walking your team through important conversion-boosting features. We are standing by ready to help, each step of the way.

2. ClickBank Vendor program offers robust and personalized expert assistance through dedicated account managers

Once you reach a certain tier of sales on the ClickBank platform we dedicate not one, but TWOClickBankers to assist you in everything from day-to-day business operations to broader, more strategic questions like long-term growth and connecting you with other industry experts. These individuals, your personal growth and support experts, are available round’ the clock via a variety of channels to support the success of your business.

3. ClickBank easily integrates with most platforms in the direct response industry

From top email service providers like Maropost, GetResponse and Aweber, to fulfillment integrations via PackageBee, ShipZoom and ShipStation, the ClickBank platform is more than capable of accommodating the most prominent direct-response marketing services and platforms.

Have an integration question or request? Click here.

4. ClickBank has dozens of revenue-boosting and industry leading platform tools designed to grow your business

We’ve created a full ecommerce solution with you in mind. From tools to get your products noticed around the world to simpler ways to creating profitable and effective partnerships, the ClickBank toolset is unrivaled.

  • Multi Option Upsell
    With this feature, each step of your upsell flow can offer multiple products, putting the power to increase your average order value in your hands. No other marketing platform offers these features! This is exclusive to ClickBank!  Learn more about ClickBank’s upsell flows.
  • Robust Subscription Management Tools
    Retain subscribers with improved flexibility, membership control, recurring billing and affiliate payoutsLearn more about ClickBank’s subscription management tools.
  • State-of-the-Art Cart Abandonment Functionality
    Ready to retarget, re-market and convert the traffic which didn’t complete an order on your order page? Now you can! With ClickBank’s brand new Cart Abandonment functionality, your retargeting strategies just got a whole hell of a lot better.  Learn more about ClickBank’s cart abandonment features.
  • High-Converting Mobile-Optimized Order Form
    Beautifully rendered for mobile, tablet and desktop, the new ClickBank Mobile Optimized Order Form offers a complete mobile responsive design, a modern look and feel and cart abandonment functionality.  Ready to start using the powerful capabilities of this new order form? Learn all about the Mobile Optimized Order Form.
  • Email Based Affiliate Attribution
    Entice affiliates to nail the sale with sophisticated, yet easy to use campaign tracking capabilities.  Learn more about using email based affiliate attribution.

5. ClickBank has paid on time, every time for the past 19 years.

ClickBank pays on time every time.
For over 19 years, we’ve built our reputation by paying on time, every time. You can choose to get paid as often as every week and through multiple payment options. Our digital marketers stick with us because of our unsurpassed reputation for reliability.

Learn more about ClickBank’s payment model.

6. ClickBank lets you scale your business to your heart’s content

Scale and grow your business.
Ever had your funds held by other platforms because you had a high-converting offer start knocking it out of the park? By partnering with ClickBank, you get our no sale or payment limit guarantee. ClickBank will never hold your money so scale to your hearts content. Planning a big launch and expecting some hefty traffic? Our servers are optimized and prepared for whatever you send at us. Bring it on.