ClickBank Vendors : How To Set up Multiple Shipping Profiles

clickbank shipping profile

ClickBank Vendors : If you are a vendor who sells physical products, you will need to create shipping profiles for regions you are willing to ship your product to. To create a shipping profile, follow the steps below.

ClickBank Vendors – Log in to your ClickBank account.   

Log in to your ClickBank account using your login credentials. If you have linked accounts, or if you created an account on or after 10/29/19, make sure you navigate to the sales account manager page of the particular account you wish to work in by clicking the hyperlinked account nickname.

clickbank login

Step 2:  Click the Vendor Settings tab.

ClickBank Vendors

Step 3: Click the My Products tab for ClickBank Vendors .

Step 4: Click the Shipping Profile button next to the Add New:text on the right side of the screen.

Step 5: Name your shipping profile. 

ClickBank Vendors .

Name the shipping profile to set it apart from any other shipping profiles you may add in the future.

ClickBank Vendor shipping profile

Step 6: Indicate if you will pay commission on shipping prices. 

Check the box next to the Pay commission on shipping price text if you wish to pay commission to affiliates on shipping prices for products.

Step 7: Indicate if you will apply flat rate shipping per product. 

Check the box next to the Indicate if you will apply flat rate shipping per product text if you wish to apply a flat shipping rate for a product regardless of the quantity ordered. This will allow a customer to buy five of the same product and be charged one flat rate, rather than be charged a shipping fee for each item.

clickbank shipping

Step 8: Select the currency that shipping will be paid in.

The currency that you select for shipping must match the currency your products are sold in.

Step 9: Select the shipping region for the shipping profile. 

Select a shipping region you wish to add to this shipping profile from the Region dropdown menu. Continue to add regions until you have added all of the areas you are willing to ship physical products to with this particular shipping profile. To add a region, click the ADD button. To remove a region from the profile, click the REMOVE button. 

ClickTip: If a country is not included in a shipping profile, customers in that country cannot purchase a product.

Step 10: Provide the price for the shipping profile. 

In the Shipping Price field, provide the price for the corresponding shipping region.

Step 11: Click the Save Changes button.