How to Add a Physical Product to ClickBank as a vendor

For over twenty years, ClickBank has been an online retailer of both physical and digital products. We support both product types in a vast array of niches and have paid out over $4 billion in commissions to affiliates. For ClickBank Vendors who only sell digital products, the onboarding process is a relatively straightforward process. Attempting to add a physical product to ClickBank can involve some unforeseen processes and steps.

What the matter to sell physical product on Clickbank ? 

physical product

Before we going so far ahead in all the nitty gritty, let’s talk about the perks of selling a physical product on ClickBank. Because of ClickBank’s authority in the health and fitness industry, there’s plenty of opportunity to pair digital products in the health and fitness niche with a physical product that relates. You can add a physical product in an upsell flow or as the initial purchase. 

Several ClickBank Vendors include digital ebooks with physical supplements for example . Or, they include a tangible hacks book with a digital videos plan. The combinations are truly endless and there’s plenty of potential for increasing your average order value (AOV) when you start working with hybrid offers that include both digital and physical products.

Of course, digital and physical pairings are also lucrative in other industries such as food and cooking, spirituality, home and garden, etc. 

The Requirements For adding Physical Products on clickbank

The first requirement for adding a physical product to ClickBank is making sure that it is compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and with all ClickBank policies applicable to physical products.  

1 . ClickBank Requirements for physical product

All ClickBank Vendors who have approved physical products on ClickBank must use ClickBank’s customer support ticket system to respond to customer support and refund requests. Additionally, they must send shipping notifications and all products must be finished in and shipped from the USA. 

2. FDA Requirements  for physical product

If you wish to submit a product to be sold on ClickBank that requires FDA compliance, you must also include the following items:

  • The Product Label Artwork
    The label artwork must be approved by ClickBank’s compliance team before your product can be accepted. If you plan on changing the artwork in the future, remember to submit it for review at that point too. 
  • The Name and Address of the Manufacturer 
    You must send over the name and address of the person or company who is. 
  • The Name and Address of the Fulfillment Company
    If you personally do not ship the physical product, please provide the name and address of the company who does. 
  • Seller Company Name
    Please include the full legal name of the owner of the rights to the product. If you are operating as an LLC or other business entity, please include your company name. 
  • A Product Sample (If Requested)
    Sometimes ClickBank will submit a product sample before the product can be approved to be sold on ClickBank. If that is the case, please send it to: 

    ClickBank Regulatory Compliance 
    Attn: Joie Mason
    1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Ste. 410
    Boise, ID 83709
  • cGMP Compliance
    You may be requested to provide proof of compliance with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices. ClickBank recommends that you include a copy of these to expedite the onboarding process. 
  • Certificate of Analysis
    Like the cGMP compliance certificate, including a Certificate of Analysis will expedite the onboarding process. 
  • Proof of Insurance
    Please include a Certificate of Insurance with your product submission. You must name Click Sales, Inc. as an additional insured on the policy. Please check out this article for more information about physical product insurance requirements. 
  • Marketing Copy
    And, lastly, please include a copy of all marketing copy that you plan to use for your product including test and images. 

If you have questions about FDA regulations or , If you’re trying to add your very first product to ClickBank Visit Website .