How To Create and add a custom shipping regions

create custom shipping regions

Step 1: Log in to your ClickBank account.  

Log in to your ClickBank account using your login credentials. If you have linked accounts, or if you created an account on or after 10/29/19, make sure you navigate to the sales account manager page of the particular account you wish to work in by clicking the hyperlinked account nickname.

clickbank login

Step 2:  Click the Vendor Settings tab.

ClickBank Vendors

Step 3: Click the My Products tab.

Step 4: Click the Shipping Profiles tab.

Step 5: Click the Shipping Regions hyperlink.

Step 6: Click the Add Region button.

Step 7: Select the regions you wish to add.

Select the regions you wish to add to the custom shipping region from the Countries dropdown.  

Step 8: Click the Save Changes button.

Once you have added a custom shipping region, you can add it to your shipping profile.