How to disable PayPal for one ClickBank Vendor Account?

If you decide to not longer offering PayPal as a payment method for a specific ClickBank Vendor account, you can deselect the Allow PayPal check box on the Order Form Control.

With simple steps I will show you how to disable PayPal as a payment method for a specific clickbank vendor account:

Step 1:

First , you need to log into your clickbank master account .

Step 2:

On the left navigation bar , Click Accounts , and then click the account nickname you want to update.

ClickBank Vendor account

Step 3:

Click the Vendor Settings tab. Then, click the My Site tab. 

Step 4:

Under the Order Form Control heading, click Edit in the top right corner.

link clickbank to PayPal

Step 5:

Deselect the Allow PayPal check box, and then click Save Changes.

ClickBank Vendor

Tip :

When you deselect the PayPal check box, your ClickBank accounts remain connected to PayPal, but customers cannot select PayPal as a payment method on the order form.